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Why are we here? 

“We fight for liberation, fight for education, fight with these hip hop organized nations.”

organize nations, Dark Matters, spiritchild


Locks of our boarders are tightened

Destructive walls further tiled and entitled

Greed poisons the womb of earth, captures our being in its hand

Colour, sexuality, trans.gender and non-conformity

Held by the grip of dehumanizing stance

Fist in the air


Our youth searching and foretelling

In % deprived of care

Young lives taken by choice

or imprisoned behind bars and norms

soul reminding poetry

beat and bars

cutting through a harsh reality

there is no them, only we


we come together in peace, love, unity and having fun

remembering not to forget knowledge is number one

remixing society’s pains in stories and chants of freedom

our crafts birthing omens of a new society soon come


“It’s a mission about an equal world and an equal vision

but in this world consistent people always bitching

cause on the other hand we don’t complain

no we try to make a difference

using hip hop and it’s elements

tell me are you feeling this

this is the power and the project of the culture and the music

it’s time for revolution.”


‘Time to let the world know’, The c.i.p.h.e.r. chapter I: the pioneers,

MC Equal (BE), Zoltan (GE), Siebrand (BE), D.Chesron (NL)